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Revolving Tray Ovens

Sizes and Features to Fit Any Bakery’s Needs

Compact Revolving Tray Ovens

MODEL: T4/P8x2

Cinelli’s Compact Revolving Tray Oven is available with the same industry leading features offered on the ‘T’ series, the Compact version also affords increased capacity and quality within a smaller footprint that comparative ovens cannot match.

Available in two standard configurations: 24 pan baking capacity in a 12 pan capacity footprint, or a 36 pan baking capacity in a 16 pan capacity footprint! Other sizes are available upon request. Although similar ovens exist, our research and development team is constantly striving to set industry standards and continually raising the proverbial bar making this oven without equal.


All Ovens come with removable front panels for easy access to all servicing areas and controls, explosion proof roof, automatic purge system for gas fired models, high limit temperature control cut-off, and may be installed at ‘0’ clearance from the sides and back.


Standard Machine Options


  • All Stainless Steel Exterior Panels
  • Independently Connected, Stainless Steel Front Power Exhaust Hood
  • 400,000 B.T.U. (100,800kCal) AGA/CGA Approved Gas or Propane Power Burner. 
  • All Heavy Duty Construction
  • Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Shelves
  • 500 hour “Salt Water High Pressure Tested” corrosion resistant material used internally
  • Stainless Steel Self – Generating Steam System available as an option
  • Electric and Oil fired versions available
  • Stone Hearth Shelves available as an option



Tray Data 26 x 40 in 66 x 102 cm
Quantity of Bun Pans 8
Operational Dimensions (DxWxH) 108.5 x 69.25 x 99 in 276 x 176 x 252 cm
Weight 4,400 2,000
Vent Size 8 I.D. 20 I.D
Naural Gas BTU/ HR & kcal. 120,000-400,000 30,240-100,800


  • Full Brick Fire Chamber for better Heat Retention, Efficiency and Artisan Quality Baking
  • High Density Insulation maintains consistent temperatures, increases efficiency and allows for “0” clearance installation at the back and sides
  • Industry First Maintenance Free Shelf Bushings
  • Industry First Maintenance Free Main Shaft Support Bushings
  • All service access and procedures can be carried out from the front of the oven
  • Tempered Glass Viewing Window


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