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 Deck Ovens

Baking being the last and the crucial most step requires the most high-quality deck ovens. Cinelli’s ovens are deficient maintenance, longevity and baking uniformity with the efficiency of modern technology. Bakers can explore new recipes, ingredients and techniques to bake the perfect pieces of bread, bagels, buns, pastries and foods.

All models are complete with LCD programmable user interface for each deck. Employing a simple yet functionally advanced ScrollControl with up to 30 program capacity, control of top, bottom and front heat for optimal bake homogeneity — power Boost settings for rapid recovery, a power economizer mode, and with daily or weekly auto start-up programmability.


Types of Cinelli's Deck Ovens

We at Cinelli help you customize the deck ovens based on your needs and requirements. With years of experience in the Industry, we make sure you are satisfied by the product quality, reduced operating cost and maximum profit.

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Electric Modular Deck Oven

Cinelli’s Stainless Steel Modular Electric Deck Oven represents the synthesis of bake quality, flexibity, utility and value at a level of robustness worthy of today’s demanding bakeries- this oven represents a solution for bakers like no other. With capacities ranging from 2 to 6 pans per deck, it is the sort of oven that has a capacity range to meet almost any need. With sizes ranging from 2 to 6 pans per deck, it is the sort of oven that has a capacity range to fit nearly every need.

Available Options

M- series industri-el

The new series of electric deck ovens M-series Industri-EL New Edition represents the next evolutionary step of a highly successful design which over the years has become the standard in its category: an elegant and high-quality design, the latest technology, high-quality materials and a new compact series M-Series Industrial-EL Junior available in 3 models of 3/4/5 Decks with 1220mm long baking soles ideal for small bakeries or installations where the oven is visible to customers.

Mega- tube new edition

Evolution and tradition, solidity and flexibility, history and future: MEGA-TUBE, for over 20 years a warranty for us and our customers. Highest reliability for a quality and safe investment over time, the right solution for any kind of baking production, suitable for artisan bakeries which pursue excellence but also perfect for large productions at continuous cycles with automatic loading systems. The baking is always soft and uniform, never aggressive, ideal for any kind of product and SPECIFICALLY RECOMMENDED FOR BIG BREAD THAT NEEDS LONG BAKING TIME.

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