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Kaiser Roll Machine

The Kaiser roll machine comes equipped with extra large Teflon coated cups and knives. The revolutionary Teflon coating gives the cups and knives a non-adhesive quality which helps to produce optimal end products. In addition, the knives are automatically and continuously cleared from debris with specially designed bushes affixed to the machine. The knives are easily and quickly interchangeable, therefore allowing the production of Clover Leaf Buns, Cross Buns,Rosette Buns and Split Buns. This machine could be customized on request.




The Kaiser Roll Machines are among the first machines manufactured here at Cinelli. They are consistent in their formation of the various types of buns they produce. They can either be adapted to a Bun Line, or they can be fed manually. The CG/102 is a two pocket heavy duty model with a capacity of producing 4,000 pieces per hour from one ounce to four ounces of dough. 



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