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Spiral Mixer

North America is renowned for producing the world’s best flour due in part because our wheat yields one of the highest gluten contents available. Imported bakery equipment, specifically mixers, are generally not designed to cope with the extra stresses imposed by high-gluten flour, thus being prone to premature failure.

Being specially designed for these stresses and being manufactured in North America, our Spiral Mixer line was an instant success, garnering a reputation as North America’s most durable, superior mixing, and most complete line available.

From the CG/60kg. Model to the CG/300kg. Model; rest assured that all feature reinforced heavy duty construction that has made them a symbol of quality. All feature two speeds with two timers for separate speed programming, forward and reverse bowl rotation for better amalgamation of ingredients, as well as high speed on/off selector switch.

The Bowl, Separation Bar, and Spiral Arm comprise of high grade Stainless Steel. Due to the utilization of our multiple V-belt transmission, the mixers provide superior torque, are low in maintenance, inexpensive to maintain, as well as quiet during operation. All mixers and equipment are Sanitation and Electrical approved.

Types of Cinelli Mixers

We at Cinelli help you customize the spiral mixers based on your needs and requirements. With years of experience in the Industry, we make sure you are satisfied by the product quality, reduced operating cost and maximum profit.

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                     Fixed Bowl Mixer

The Fixed Spiral Mixer is a superior mixing unit designed to significantly reduce the operating time of the traditional mixers fitted with forks or dual arms.

One of the many advantages our spiral mixer offers is the superior oxygenation of dough. By ideally positioning the Separation Bar and Spiral Arm respective to the bowl, our mixer can achieve optimally oxygenated dough while processing the dough gently and thus maintaining the integrity of the yeast. The result is increased volume, longer yeast viability, and remarkably minimal temperature increase of the dough. All of which get compromised in Planetary or Horizontal Mixers.

                HOISt Mixer

The Hoist Deposit System option is an indispensable tool for high output operations, or for baking operations that seek to improve efficiency. The system allows the operator to dump the finished dough onto a worktable, into a Dough Trough, or directly into the hopper of a machine such as our CG/VBD Dough Divider for further processing. The system also reduces injuries associated with manually cutting and removing the dough from the bowl by hand. The Heavy Duty Hoist is designed to withstand many operations without frame distortion. 


The CG/450KG spiral mixer is a superior mixing unit designed to reduce the operating time of the traditional mixers fitted with forks or dual arms.


The CG/450KG-ST Spiral Mixer economically processes 993 pounds of finished dough — a quantity once limited to other types of mixers. The CG/450KG-ST can be configured as a standard two-speed model fitted upon a hoist, or with a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) drive system with variable speed capability. Set at low height the Hoist deposits dough into a trough or onto a table. It can also be set higher to deposit dough directly into another machine for further processing.

The flexibility of the PLC Drive System makes it possible to program the unit for various mixing needs. With optional software and hardware, the unit can be programmed to stop the mixing process at a specific dough temperature. The CG/450KG-ST Spiral Mixer was built to process high gluten content dough for prolonged periods. The mixer features a stainless steel bowl, separation bar, and spiral arm. All components are top quality, and carry approvals or listings of major governing bodies to ensure quality standards and safety. Larger models are available upon request.

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