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We know that a baker can never compromise with the shape of its final product. Cinelli offers a broad range of premium Sheeters that will make sure you that your dough sheet is consistent with an even thickness as desired. 

All Sheeters are superior design with premium materials and versatile functions that leads to unparalleled performance. Every member of our team takes pride in ensuring that our clients receive the very best in quality and construction, We pay close attention to mechanical as well as aesthetic details. 

Types of Cinelli's Sheeters

We at Cinelli help you customize the Sheeters based on your needs and requirements. With years of experience in the Industry, we make sure you are satisfied by the product quality, reduced operating cost and maximum profit.

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AS+ Series

AS+ Series introduces automation benefits of sheeters to medium size production bakeries. These unit possess speed of the automatic sheeters with the ease of use manual sheeters afford making these machines so very easy to use while being extremely efficient. Industrial Series, with strengthened frame and structure made of AISI 304 stainless steel and aluminium, has been designed for industrial needs. 

  • Heavy Duty Frame and Structure
  • 8″ Colour Touch Screen
  • Easy Programming Feature or step by step user input
  • 50 Program Capacities 
  • Automatic or Manual use functions
  • Automatic Dough Roll Up Device
  • Automatic Adjustable Flour Sifter


Super Industrial Series

The Epitome of Industrial Sheeters. With our 123mm or 4.85″ Diameter Laminating Rollers, this machines allow users to process very hard dough and to achieve the thinnest of sheets. Furthermore, such large diameter rollers enable rapid processing unlike any other. These machines are available with 70 or 80 cm or 27.5″ or 31.5″ Laminating head widths enabling process any size of dough block. 

  • Laminating Head Roller Movements controlled via Vertical Drive systems
  • Heavy Duty Frame and Structure

Reversible sheeters

The heavy duty & ergonomic design and constructon of the CG/LAM Manual Series Sheeters was specifically researched for use within demanding environments such as medium to high production bakeries or pastry shops. 

Cinelli Manual Sheeters come with complete Enamel Painted or Optional Stainless Steel. Excellent for sheeting applications of all types of soft pastry dough as well as stiff pizza or other types of dough.  

Belts are FDA Approved, and are fold-up for storage. Cylinders have a stainless steel guard protection. 

Table Top sheeters

The CG/LAM Table Top line of Reversible Sheeters were specifically designed with the particular consideration for use within hotels, restaurants and small bread and pastry bakeries. 

Dimenstions of the machine is in it’s storage position. Once finished using the mahcine, the conveyor tables can be raised up into a resting position, thereby occupying less space within the work area. This position also facilities effective cleaning of the unit. 


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