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Spiral Mixer

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CG/450KG/STL and CG/450KG/STH is a superior mixing unit designed to reduce the operating time of the traditional mixers fitted with forks or dual arms. This fixed bowl mixer has the flour capacity of 300 Kg and finishes up to 450 Kg dough.

The Hoist Deposit System option is an indispensable tool for high output operations, or for baking operations that seek to improve efficiency. The system allows the operator to dump the finished dough onto a worktable, into a Dough Trough, or directly into the hopper of a machine such as our CG/VBD Dough Divider for further processing. The system also reduces injuries associated with manually cutting and removing the dough from the bowl by hand. The Heavy Duty Hoist is designed to withstand many operations without frame distortion. 

The Heavy Duty Hoist is designed to withstand countless operations without frame distortion. Specifically reinforced to cope with payloads much heavier than the hoist will ever lift, it was also designed to maintain stability and an appropriately distributed centre of gravity completely through the lifting cycle.

Standard Machine Options

  • 208/3/60 Voltage
  • Two speed operation
  • Stainless wire grill
  • Painted finish
  • Analog control panel

Additional Machine Options

  • Other voltage available upon request
  • Paint colours (white, charcoal, stainless)
  • Stainless enclosed cover with piston assist
  • Digital control panel
  • PLC control panel
  • Infrared temperature sensor
  • Dough temperature probe
  • Single speed operation
  • Variable speed (PLC panel only)
  • Heavy duty spiral arm
  • Central bar
  • Stainless steel paddle
  • Mixer mounted upon hoist
  • Low hoist
  • High hoist
Hoist Model Shipping Dimensions 85 x 104 x 85 in 216 x 265 x 216 cm
Shipping Weight Fixed Bowl (Hoist) 7350 lbs 3337 kg
Bowl Diameter 49 in 1245 mm
Flour Capacity 661 lbs 300 kg
Finished Dough Capacity 991 lbs 450 kg
Power Ratings 43 hp 32.25 kw
Amperage @ 460V, 3 PHASE 90 90
Amperage @ 575V, 3 PHASE 72 72
Model A 130 in 3302 mm
Model B 110 in 2794 mm
Model C 58 in 1473 mm
Model D 88 in 2235 mm
Model E 104 in 2642 mm
  • Achieve optimally oxygenated dough while processing the dough gently, thus maintaining the integrity of the yeast
  • Increased volume
  • Longer yeast viability
  • Minimal temperature increase of the dough
  • Specifically built to effectively process high gluten dough
  • Mixers are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in the harshest of working environments
  • All components and materials are top quality
  • Our clients receive the very best in quality and construction

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