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Rack Oven

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Rotary rack oven


The Rotary Rack Oven is a revolutionary heat chamber that was designed, engineered, and made on our premises, our Rotary Rack Ovens are among the most efficient Rack Ovens on the market.

A Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel heat exchanger designed within a heat chamber enables this efficient Oven to reduce baking time significantly. The benefit of the efficient heat chamber allows for rapid warm-up, quick recovery time and increased airflow. Now the THIRD GENERATION has a further enhanced combustion and steam generator. The heat exchange to DIN 8766 and beyond 46% more steam than the closest competitor. 

Air distribution within the oven has undergone years of extensive years of research to yield impressive and unprecedented results where consistency of bake is concerned. The measured airflow through the chamber not only bakes exceptionally consistent, it also led to superior physical development of products with minimal moisture loss. From delicate pastries and cakes to dense breads and buns, our Rack Ovens perform beyond expectations 



Standard Machine Options

  • Brick Lined baking chamber
  • More efficient energy consumption
  • Minimized heat loss
  • High-density insulation
  • Re-circulating air system


Additional Machine Options

  • Electric configuration
  • Natural Gas configurations
  • Propane configurations 
  • Meat, Fish and Poultry versions available 


Operational Dimensions (DxWxH) 89 x 99 x 101 in 226 x 252 x 257 cm
Installed Power 4.3 kW 5.75 hp
Burner Capacity 100,800 kcal 400,000 Max. (Gas/LP)
Total Load 25@220-3-60 Y connection (Gas/LP) 70@600-3-60 Delta connection (Electric)
Weight 2,270 5,000 approx. (lb.)



  • Achieve optimally oxygenated dough while processing the dough gently, thus maintaining the integrity of the yeast
  • Give rise to noticeable reductions in operating costs
  • Reduce baking time significantly
  • Impressive and unprecedented results
  • Rapid warm-up, quick recovery time and increased airflow
  • Accurate and rapid temperature variation.
  • All components and materials are top quality
  • Our clients receive the very best in quality and construction


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