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Planetary Mixer

North America is renowned for producing the world’s best flour due in part because our wheat yields one of the highest gluten contents available. Imported bakery equipment, specifically mixers, are generally not designed to cope with the extra stresses imposed by high-gluten flour, thus being prone to premature failure.

Being specially designed for these stresses and being manufactured in North America, our Spiral Mixer line was an instant success, garnering a reputation as North America’s most durable, superior mixing, and most complete line available.

Types of Cinelli Planetary Mixers

We at Cinelli help you customize the planetary mixers based on your needs and requirements. With years of experience in the Industry, we make sure you are satisfied by the product quality, reduced operating cost and maximum profit.

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Planetary Mixers

The ruggedly built CG/PL Series Planetary Mixers were specifically designed for small to medium sized production capacities.
Particularly notable with these units, is the heavy- duty design. Not only attractively priced, but the machines require minimal to no maintenance.

The versatility of the CG/PL series mixers allow one to utilise the machine in either bread or pastry applications which require flexibility and durability. As a testament to its versatility, the CG/PL Series Planetary mixers are optimally suited to process dough ranging from dense pastry and breads, to light whip creams and custards.

Available Options


The CG/PL80-SD Planetary mixer is the “Super Duty” Version in the ruggedly built CG/PL 80 Series Planetary Mixers: unparalleled quality and standard features.


The CG/PL80 is quite capable of carrying out production for products such as creams, pastry, cookies, cake, muffin and other similar density products and batters with the occasional batch of a more dense dough such as bread, pizza and the like.

Within high production and demanding environments or for the client who relies entirely upon the mixer to process all their pastry, cake and cookie batters as well as frequent batches of dense bread and pizza dough, we offer the CG/PL80-SD “SuperDuty” Version. Augmented mechanically and comes complete with a larger motor to endure extended periods of use under heavier loads. 

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