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Panini Machine

The Panini machine, translated from Italian, means bun machine. It is a machine capable of making many types of short and long buns. The compact unit makes it ideal for area restricted baking operations.

The Panini machine gently weighs, cuts, and forms dough from 1 ounce to 1 pound. The Panini machine produces up to 6,000 pieces per hour of a wide variety of buns such as; dinner rolls, Italian rolls, rye rolls, hot dog buns, submarine rolls, as well as “Grisini” (bread sticks). Also great for Challa!

As with all products manufactured at G. CINELLI – ESPERIA CORPORATION®, the CG/3 is built to function effectively and for prolonged periods in the harshest of working environments. With exception of the belt, stainless steel is utilized wherever dough comes into contact with the machine. All components are manufactured to our strict specifications to ensure clients the utmost in reliability and quality.



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