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 Dividers and Rounders

We know that a baker can never compromise with the shape of its final product. Cinelli offers a broad range of premium Dividers and Rounders that will make sure you bake the perfect shaped breads, bagels, buns, pastries, pizzas and foods. 

All dividers and rounders are superior design with premium materials and versatile functions that leads to unparalleled performance. Every member of our team takes pride in ensuring that our clients receive the very best in quality and construction, We pay close attention to mechanical as well as aesthetic details. 

Types of Cinelli's Dividers and rounders

We at Cinelli help you customize the Dividers and Rounders based on your needs and requirements. With years of experience in the Industry, we make sure you are satisfied by the product quality, reduced operating cost and maximum profit.

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Single Bagel Divider Former

With the recent proliferation of small retail Bagel outlets and rising metropolitan retail space costs, a need for a smaller Bagel production unit was evident. Alas, that unit is finally here. A unit which couples our rugged Bagel Divider with our durableSingle Bagel Machine. The CG/DF 4000 can produce a conservative 3,600 consistent bagels per hour. 


Conical Rounder

An indispensable tool for the complete bread line, this Conical Rounder was built to last. It’s appearance alone exudes quality and durability! This Conical Rounder is designed for intermediate and final rounding. The rotating cone with specifically designed grooves, and the suitably shaped spiral, allow dough pieces to be rounded into impeccable closed and smooth bolus. This in turn, enables consistent proofing of the final product. 

Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

The Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder was specifically designed with the particular consideration for use within high production bakeries.

The Unique dividing and rounding system is as such that no oil is required to lubricate the functional processing components. This enables strict control over the quality and contents of the product; subsequently it is not contaminated with external condiments such as oil.


The CG/NV Series Hydraulic Bread Divider, sometimes referred to as the Artisan Bread Divider, is optimal for use within small to medium sized bakeries. The Hydraulic Bread Divider is ideal for cutting dough shapes for Baguettes, Breads and also Ciabatta Breads. Both silent and efficient, this unit provides the user an advantage with regard to savings in time and product consistency as opposed to manually cutting and scaling pieces. The machines comes equipped with our standard electronic digital control panel that can be adjusted with regard to pressurization time.  

Semi-Automatic DIVIDER and rounder

The Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Rounder is an indispensable tool for small to medium sized bakeries, pizzerias, hotels and restaurants. The CG/SDR-R comes standard with a dividing head of choices:12,24 or 36 part head. Amazingly, all configurations are quite capable of achieving superbly rounded products. The other considerable advantage this removable head system affords is that it is extremely simple and effective to carry out sanitation procedures. Superior design, materials, function and versatility lead to unparalleled performance by any measure. 


Rotary Knife Divider

The CGU/8000C Rotary Knife Divider was specifically developed to gently process high moisture content dough such as Ciabatta buns and breads. The CGU/8000C is capable of producing up to 6000 pieces per hour. Built to withstand the rigors of the worlds markets, all dividers are built Heavy Duty and utilise top-line quality components to endure harsh environmental conditions. 


Volumetric bread divider

The cornerstone for bread production, the Volumetric Bread Divider is the indispensable tool for high output bread production. This unit can process up to 1200 plus pieces per hour, with a minimum of 600. No matter what your production desires are, this machine can easily be made to suit your needs. All moving components are lubricated visa a pre-programmed pump.  


Fully Automatic Bun Divider ROunder "Plus" Model

The “PLUS” Models such as the Super 4+4, Super 5+5 and Super 6+6 were specifically engineered to satisfy a broader production weight range thus enabling the possibility of producing a wider variety of products without the need of changing any drums or having to purchase two machines to satisfy production of a variety of products.

The “PLUS” Models such as the Super 4+4, Super5+5 and Super 6+6 were specifically engineered to satisfy a broader production weight range thus enabling the possibility of producing a wider variety of products without the need of changing any drums or having to purchase two machines to satisfy production of a variety of products.

These particular models have a special drum configuration with two size hexagonal, thus where the standard models have a total of four hexagonal sections,the“PLUS”models have eight. Changing from one size to the other is as simple as a push of a button upon the main operating panel. The operation takes as long as 10 seconds to perform and is possible to carry out during operation without production interruption.

As with all our available Models (both standard and PLUS) and unlike other machines available today, the “PLUS” models come equipped, as a standard feature, with internal infeed rollers within the primary hopper to ensure continuous flow of dough into the dividing chamber while vastly reducing the likelihood of in consistent weight. 

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