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Deck oven

Sizes and Features to Fit Any Bakery’s Needs

Electric Modular deck oven

MODEL: 2 Decks

This all Stainless Steel Modular Electric Deck Oven represents the synthesis of bake quality, flexibility, utility and value at a level of robustness worthy of today’s demanding bakeries – this oven represents a solution for bakers like no other.

With capacities ranging of 2 pans per deck, it is the sort of oven that has a capacity range to meet almost any need. Furthermore, it affords economy in it’s flexibility – it is designed to grow with you and your business by simply adding decks in the future as required. Remarkably, baking pan capacity to space ratio is nothing short of freugal and amazing – up to 30 pan baking capacity in as little as 30 Square Feet (3.0 sq.m)!

All models are complete with LCD programmable user interface for each deck. Employing a simple yet functionally advanced Scroll Control with up to 30 program capacity, control of top, bottom and front heat for optimal bake homogeneity, Power Boost settings for rapid recovery, a power economizer mode, and with daily or weekly auto start up programmability. Furthermore, to complement control are augmented heavy duty electrical elements with up to 30% more power over similar ovens.

Standard Machine Options

  • Glass door for perfect viewing
  • Stainless Steel encapsulated insulation modules
  • Ambient heat control
  • LCD programmable user interface
  • Advanced Scroll Control
  • Power Boost settings

Additional Machine Options

  • Motorized exhaust canopy with integrated halogen lamp
  • Stainless steel drop down
Weight 331 (lbs) 150 (kg)
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) 41 x 50.5 x 15.4 (in) 104 x 128 x 39 (cm)
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) 27 x 37.5 x 9.4 (in) 68 x 95 x 18 (cm)
Electric Power 7.41 (kW) 3.25 (3.77)* kW

  • Produces the finest of products effortlessly
  • The inherent nature of the stone lends itself to efficiencies in heat mass storage

  • Rapid recovery for continuous baking in even the most demanding of bakeries

  • Both decks can be used at high temperatures for baking pizza
  • Minimize space and improve ergonomics 
  • Control of top, bottom and front heat for optimal bake homogeneity 
  • All components and materials are top quality
  • Our clients receive the very best in quality and construction


Cinelli machines are developed to cope within the harshest of working environments around the globe. But if you need help, our support team is unsurpassed where service and client satisfaction is concerned. To learn more about a Bakery Equipment or if you need assistance in support, fill up the form now and we will reach you in next 24hrs.

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