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Croissant Machine

We know that a baker can never compromise with the shape of its final product. Cinelli offers a range of premium quality Croissant Machines that will make sure you bake the perfect shaped Croissants. 

The Croissant Machines are superior design with premium materials and versatile functions that leads to unparalleled performance. Every member of our team takes pride in ensuring that our clients receive the very best in quality and construction, We pay close attention to mechanical as well as aesthetic details. 

The CG/CRO Series enables automation of croissant production ranging in size from 12 to 150 grams (0.4 to 5.25oz).

  • Calibrating Unit 
  • Cutting Device
  • Moulder
  • Integris

INTEGRIS includes use of the dough calibrating and cutting station of the CG/CRO Croissant machine while the additional component itself being physically integrated as part of the machine in lengths between 3 to 5 meters (10′ – 16′) – product dependent. Thus the machine with Integris now becomes a full make up line.

It represents a solution extremely flexible for the automatic production not limited to croissants but extended to a large range of filled, fold, cut or stamped products.

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