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Blast Freezers

Compared to regular cold storage freezers or refrigerators; the Blast freezers can maintain the correct degree of product moisture content that is necessary for the proper product condition in its subsequent stage of product life and/or endowing it with the properties for optimal regeneration. The regular freezers are designed as a storage unit for already frozen products and not intended to blast freeze. Their freezing process is slow, and the texture of the product degrades to the extent that it can be evident to a consumer.

Regular freezers takes several hours to bring the food core temperature down to -18°C (-0.4°F), large ice crystals form which change the shape and texture of the product due to breaking of the cell structure, resulting in moisture loss and marked aesthetic differences are apparent.


Types of Cinelli's Blast Freezers

We at Cinelli help you find the best Blast Freezer based on your needs and requirements. With years of experience in the Industry, we make sure you are satisfied by the product quality, reduced operating cost and maximum profit.

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Blast Freezer- Roll in rack

Cinelli’s blast freezer is a specialized tool which works with forced ventilation. It may be compared to a convection oven within which the air is used to transmit heat, except that within the Blast Freezer, the cold air is used to continuously and rapidly remove the heat given off by the product, thereby cooling it quickly through to its very core. 

With the Cinelli Blast Freezer, it is now within reach for anyone to properly preserve or distribute their product. 

Tray Blast Freezer

Cinelli Blast Freezers are designed and built to maintain the quality of your product and furthermore, to drastically reduce the amount of time, space and expense required in doing so. It can be used to reserve products that are the highest quality standard such as any dough, bread, cake or pastry product. 

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