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Nadege Nourian; the chef and part owner of Nadege Patisserie, has delighted #Toronto with modern dessert creations since 2009. For several years, she has employed Cinelli equipment making her delectable creations. Nadege and her partner Morgan McHugh have been loyal and valued customers for many years, using machines such as our blast freezer, proofer retarder, automatic sheeter, mixers and ovens to name a few, for many years now. 

Showered with numerous accolades from critics, the press, and the blogosphere, Nadège is viewed as a game-changer in Toronto’s pastry scene. Born in Lyon, France, Nadège is a fourth-generation pastry chef, her passion continues to inspire many and has helped shape the fine pastry landscape for the better. 

Mabel’s bakery, a team of artisan bread bakers has been our remarkable customers for over 8 years. With over 3 locations in Toronto, Cinelli’s ovens, mixers and proofers are used in all their delectable bakeries where they scratch bake all-natural cooks. Visit Mabel’s bakery and learn what else makes the dough perfect other than the talent of their artisan bakers.

“Without you, we are nothing”

“It’s always fantastic to see our students working in the lab learning and training with the best bakery equipment made here in Ontario!

Many thanks to our most amazing friends, equipment manufacturer and program stakeholder at Cinelli Esperia for the amazing maintenance and services you provide us! Without you, we are nothing. With you and celebrating your success, we are everything!”

Congratulations on the past 50 years in business. We look forward to working with you through the next 50!”

– Anthony Borgo
Coordinator, Baking and Pastry Arts program
Georgian College, Barrie

“Ask them”

Everybody is ready to help you with all your needs service or equipment. Don’t forget if you need product that relate to this industry ask them they can get you everything you need. “

-La Strada Bakery

“Saves us hours a day”

“We use tons of Cinelli products here for instance the Auto boiler here saves us hours a day, before we had to do it all by hand now we have an extra two to three hours a day. The temperature gauge that puts the water in the mixer saves tons of time and its like the best solution for having the water coming out at the perfect temperature. In general, all the products are really well thought of by the makers, I think it really helps us a lot.”


Baker, Petite Thuet


Only the Best

Mouthwatering products by cinelli machines

Croissant Machine

The Croissant Machines are superior design with premium materials and versatile functions that leads to unparalleled performance.

Cinelli Sheeter

Cinelli offers a broad range of premium Sheeters that will make sure you that your dough sheet is consistent with an even thickness as desired. 

Spiral Mixers

Spiral Mixer is a superior mixing unit designed to significantly reduce the operating time of the traditional mixers fitted with forks or dual arms.

Pizza Line

One of our latest inclusions to our Pizza collection is the Electric Modular Deck Oven’s Pizza line- we know a chef would never want to compromise the quality of their food.

proofer and blast freezer

In baking, proofing is the final rise of shaped dough before baking.

The regular freezers are designed as a storage unit for already frozen products and not intended to blast freeze. 

CInelli oven

Range of ovens available from Deck, Rack and Convection Oven. Cinelli’s ovens are deficient maintenance, longevity and baking uniformity with the efficiency of modern technology. 


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