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"We are an Industrial Bakery located in Japan and we produce a wide variety of unique and high quality breads. In order to produce such products, we search the world over to find suitable high quality equipment.

We soon found G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® through the Internet, and decided to find out what sort of company they are and see what their products could do for us.

The Service and Response was perfect from the very first e-mail and telephone conversation. Always polite, always fast, and they always gave us the exact information we were seeking.

With this in mind, we made the decision to purchase from them some new machinery for our new factory. We ordered a few CG/1D Double Rack Ovens, a T8-P48I Revolving Tray Oven, an RK/4 Steam Proofer and a CG/DF 4000 Bagel Divider Former. Although redundant, the response and subsequent delivery was rapid, professional and more than satisfactory!

The Two Technicians that came for the Installation were extremely efficient. In fact, they completed the work well ahead of schedule, and gave us equipment that was in perfect functioning condition. To date, I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever, and absolutely no reservations about purchasing equipment from G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® once again. In fact, I have highly recommended it to my friends and colleagues within the industry here or anyone who inquires.

Thank you very much for the service and equipment you have provided."

Amnon Agassy
ADAMA Middle Eastern Foods
Kangawa Ken, JAPAN

"The equipment looks great! Your crew was very helpful and efficient, representing your company very well. All is well and the shop is doing fine. I hope that I can bake as well as your equipment looks and operates. Thanks!"

Frank Principe
Frank's Fine Foods
Sudbury, Ontario

"G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® equipment is by far the most superior equipment I have come across in the industry. I have been in contact with various ovens (Rack) and mixers (Spiral) and none come even close to competing with G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION®.

In our three years of operation, we have not had one problem with the equipment [Double Rack Oven, Spiral Mixer with Hoist, Bagel Former and Divider, and misc.]. Put it this way, I bought a "cheaper " oven last year for a retail operation and I will never make that mistake again. Any equipment I require at Bakers Choice Inc. Barbados that G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® manufactures, I will purchase no matter what the comparative price is. You get what you pay for!"

Shane Johnson
Managing Director
Bakers Choice Inc.

"I have been a pastry chef for over twenty-five years. I have consulted Ferrara's of New York City and the Four Season restaurant, along with a great many independent operations throughout the USA.

I am currently the pasty chef at the Tintoretto Bakery and Café located at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, which is equipped with your equipment. My knowledge and experience with ovens, mixers, and other machinery for pastry and breads is quite extensive. I would like to congratulate you on a job well done, the equipment has proven itself to be of superior quality. Your technical staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough throughout the training process. I will strongly recommend G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® machinery to all of my clients."

Francesco Santoro
Pastry Chef
Tintoretto Bakery & Café
Venetian Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with the work your men performed for me at Monroe Bakery this week. Your Technicians were very professional in the way that they handled a difficult situation with my customer. They worked very hard building the Oven, but at the same time, found time to make things right. My Technician was very impressed with the help they gave him, and also the offer of tools when he needed them. People like that make our jobs easy, and I made sure the other salesmen here in our office are aware of their efforts.

This was the first time I saw your 48 Pan Revolving Tray Oven up close and personal, I can truly say it is extremely well built and no doubt will give my customer many years of trouble free baking. Needless to say, I will be working hard to find some more bakeries that can benefit from this combination of fine equipment and first class support. Thank you!"

Mr. John Olejko
Pro Bake Inc.
Twinsburg, OH

CG/DF 4000 Bagel Divider/Former
"I am very satisfied with the CG/DF4000 Divider/Former that I purchased form G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION®. The machine has proved to be very reliable and is well built. This is very important to me, with my bakery being located far away in Japan. All components are available locally too! We are able to produce with the CG/DF4000 an excellent quality bagel that pleases us as well as our customers.

I would not hesitate to recommend this machine to bakery owners who like me, need good quality equipment."

Yvan Chartrand
Bonjour Bakery
Sapporo, Japan

"We are quite pleased with it (CG/DF 4000) and there do not seem to be any problems. Initially there were a few due to the dough mixture, but now everything seems to be in perfect order.

I can honestly say that it was a pleasure dealing with you. The service given was excellent. The machine arrived in perfect condition due to its marvelous packing. However, best of all, it was extremely gratifying to open the packing, plug-in the machine, and start-off without any mechanical problems. The bagels it produces are exceptional. Well done and keep it up!"

Charles Pace.
World Wide Import Export Co. Ltd.,
Qormi, Malta

"We first experienced a problem with our Mixer not switching automatically from low-speed to high-speed. This problem disappeared after a local technician checked the timer and other electrical components: although, he could not determine the actual cause of the malfunction.

A week later the Mixer developed the problem again. We then called G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION®. As per your technician's advice, I swapped the low-speed timer with the high-speed timer to get me through production runs. This solved my immediate problems. We then ordered a replacement timer.

I want to thank your technician for his prompt and very professional assistance, and commend G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® for having someone of his ability on staff."

Mrs. Janet Kozusko
Renaissance Baking Co. LLC
Butte, MT

*Please note that all testimonials were edited insofar as grammar, spelling and clarifying inferences and context so that the inexperienced reader may understand the message as it is intended. We make every attempt to edit the material minimally, translations and language barriers make this difficult sometimes.


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