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We have just added several new products, including the Hydraulic Bread Divider, the Electronic Water Meter and Blender, the Super Four Fully Automatic Bun divider Rounder, the Table Top Sheeter, the Semi-Automatic Bun Divider Rounder, the Baguette Extension Moulder, and the CG/PL Series Planetary Mixer.
Hydraulic Bread Divider, Models CG/NV Series

The CG/NV Series Hydraulic Bread Divider, sometimes referred to as the Artisan Bread Divider, is optimal for use within small to medium sized bakeries. Ideally suited for cutting dough for Baguettes, Breads and also Ciabatta Breads. Additional info.
Electronic Water Meter and Blender

The CG/30L-MIX enables the user to accurately measure dispensing amount and temperature of water time after time. Simple to use, and easily regulated, inconsistent dough batches are a thing of the past. Additional info.
Single Bagel Divider Former

The one and only Original! The Compact Bagel Divider Former was developed by G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® in 1987. Compact design, user-friendly features, and heavy-duty design make this an ideal solution for all your bagel making needs. Produce up to 3,600 pieces per hour within a limited space. Additional info.
Super Four Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

The SUPER FOUR CG/DRAS-4 Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder offers extra gentle forming characteristics with precise control and weight maintenance for up to 6,000 pieces per hour. Additional info.
Semi-Automatic Bun Divider Rounder, CG/SBDR Series

The CG/SBDR Semi-Automatic Bun Divider Rounder is an indispensable tool for small to medium sized bakeries helping to reduce labour costs. A reliable and simple machine to use. Additional info.
CG/LAM Table Top Sheeter

The CG/LAM Table Top Series Sheeters come complete with forward and reverse Hand actuated controls for ease of use. Heavy Duty construction makes this one of the most durable available today. Ergonomic in design, and extremely reliable, this unit is exceptional for bakeries, hotels, and restaurants. Additional info.
Baguette Extension Moulder, Model CG/BAG-EX

The CG/BAG-EX Baguette Extension Moulder offers extra gentle forming capabilities while extending your baguettes consistently and accurately to the desired length and diameter every time. Additional info.
CG/PL Series Planetary Mixer

The CG/PL Series Planetary (vertical) mixers come complete with manual or automatic pre-set mixing times as a standard feature. Mechanical fortitude allow one to mix both dense bread or pizza dough alongside delicate custards and creams effectively and with confidence. Additional info.
CG/CRO 2000 Croissant Machine

The CG/CRO 2000 allows for ease of use, reliability, and versatility making it an ideal machine both for small and large-scale croissant production. Addition of the optional By-pass table adds to the versatility of the machine! Additional info.
CG/SF Manual Sheeters

The CG/SF Manual Sheeters come complete with forward and reverse foot switch as well as a manual switch for ease of use. All Enamel Painted or optional Stainless Steel heavy-duty construction. Table Top versions also available. We have a size available for every baker's need. Additional info.
CG/SFA & SFAI Automatic Sheeters

The CG/SFA & SFAI Automatic Sheeters come complete with a programmable computer making it ideal for precise dough sheeting, as well as easy to use even with unskilled labour. All Stainless Steel heavy-duty construction, a size available for every baker's need. Additional info.

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