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All dealer inquiries should be accompanied by the following information. A response to the below issues will enable us to assess your current position, as well as the feasibility of approach within this sector of industry for the geographic area you are interested in.

This industry is a service-oriented industry and is the single most important facet to G. CINELLI - ESPERIA CORPORATION® and its clients.

Once the below form has been completed, we will contact you for further consultation.

Contact Information  
First Name
Last Name
Company Name
(if applicable)
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code

What specific geographic area are you prepared to effectively service and sell to?
How will you be able to sell in this area? For example, do you have an infrastructure already established? If so, what?
How will you be able to service and repair equipment in this area? Will you be able to offer 24-Hour Service?
Are you willing to send a technician to us for service training? yes
Are you willing to stock necessary components? yes
How do you plan to advertise and promote the equipment and service? For example, trade specific magazines, direct mail, phone solicitation, showroom, company vehicle advertising, etc.
How will you be able to distinguish yourself above current competitors within the geographic area specified?
Where will the headquarters be?
What is, or what will be the legal name?
To whom will this name belong to legally?
Are there, or will there be any partners? yes
If so, what are their names?
List four professional references.

List three credit references complete with address, phone and fax numbers. 1. Credit Reference

2. Credit Reference

3. Credit Reference

4. Credit Reference
What qualifications/experience do you have in this specific sector?
Add a short list of accomplishments you and/or your corporate entity has achieved to date, as well as other pertinent information you may want to impart.
  We appreciate your patronage and we thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. All inquiries will be dealt with as expediently as possible.


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