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We are a Canadian manufacturer of world renowned bakery production equipment.

Innovative Design

We realize that research and development should be a constant endeavour in order for a manufacturer to be a forerunner in its field.

To this end, we believe we have achieved this goal. Yet, we also believe that we have not reached our objective. Indeed we are better than we were yesterday, but not quite as good as we will be tomorrow.

Our experienced staff is able to cope with a multitude of problems the baker faces on a daily basis. Our support team is unsurpassed where service and client satisfaction is concerned. To our family and employees, there is no greater honour attainable than when a satisfied client confirms to us a job well done. This is what we constantly strive to achieve.

Who We Are

A family owned and operated business, we here at G. CINELLI – ESPERIA CORPORATION® manufacture a variety of bakery machinery. Our machines are developed to cope within the harshest of working environments around the globe.

Established in 1972, G. CINELLI – ESPERIA CORPORATION® has flourished in the baking industry due to our understanding that we cannot sacrifice product quality. It is the philosophy of using the very best components and materials to which we attribute our success.

Our goal is simple… to help you reach yours!

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This website is currently being developed.

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G. Cinelli – Esperia Corporation® develops a variety of bakery machinery with the objective of increasing efficiency, reducing manual labour, and attaining the highest end-product quality.